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The HYDRO-CLEAN® is an innovative high pressure washing system where the dirty raw material is subjected to a rotating water jet generated by a wash rotor. The system’s cleaning performance has proven itself in a number of applications worldwide.

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The synthesis of a successful combination of proven mechanical base technologies with modern control and regulation systems transforms HAVER NIAGARA screening and classifying machines into productive performance centres all over the world.

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The disk pelletizers (HAVER SCARABEUS) are used for the agglomeration of powdery primary and secondary materials such as filter dust. The primary area of application is the agglomeration of iron ore concentrate to form pellets with a target size of 9 to 16 mm.

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Primary, secondary screening and crushing plants for minerals

Up to 2000 T/H and 1800 MM EDGE LENGTH, Washing and pelletizing Plants

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Screening for building materials

Scalper up to 2000 T/H & 1800 MM EDGE LENGTH; Classify Screening up to 1200 T/H & up to 300 grain size; Fine Screening - 10 T/H - 300 T/H; 100 MM - 5 MM grain size

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Washing for mining

HydroClean/Washing screen 0-150 MM; grain size up to 1000 T/H

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Pelletizing for chemicals

Granulate 1-6 MM UP to 75 T/H

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19. March 2020 No Comments

Covid 19

How HAVER & BOECKER NIAGARA is handling the Covid-19 pandemic? Message from Peter Grotjohann, CEO of Haver Niagara GmbH, on measures to prevent coronavirus spread

25. February 2020 No Comments

Sustainable and efficient production of iron ore pellets with HAVER & BOECKER NIAGARA: Visit the new landing page http: //haverniagara.de/pelletizing/ to learn how!

Haver & Boecker Niagara is launching a new landing page: www.haverniagara.de/pelletizing/ presenting an innovative pelletizing technology: The SCARABAEUS® 7500 pelletizing disc, which aims to apply the own understanding of the company for sustainable and efficient iron ore production.

13. February 2020 No Comments

HAVER NIAGARA strengthens the link between industry and university

When thinking about developing new technologies, universities bring valuable resources to the table and  HAVER NIAGARA GmbH always uses every chance to strengthen the link between industry and university. Last week our expert in fine screening Markus Löher gave an interesting lecture to the students at TU Bergakademie Freiberg. He shared with them insights and…