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HAVER NIAGARA strengthens the link between industry and university

HAVER NIAGARA strengthens the link between industry and university

When thinking about developing new technologies, universities bring valuable resources to the table and  HAVER NIAGARA GmbH always uses every chance to strengthen the link between industry and university. Last week our expert in fine screening Markus Löher gave an interesting lecture to the students at TU Bergakademie Freiberg. He shared with them insights and trends in the industry, answered question about our innovation in fine screening – the ultrasonic technology U-Class, supported the students by bridging the gap between theory and practice and gave them a look behind the scenes of his work life.

After the lecture, Prof. Holger Lieberwirt expressed his impressions: “The lecture was a perfect mix of revisions of different basics in mineral processing for our students shortly before the exam. You imparted exciting information about the latest developments in the magnificent field of fine screening and you have managed to show our students once again that Haver Niagara is a significant lead, when it comes to innovation in mechanical engineering. Thank you, Mr. Löher! You’ve made a great job!”.

Appreciating these kind words, we are sure that these students will be the experts of tomorrow and we have to support them. We can hardly wait to welcome one of them to our staff! Good luck!


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