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Haver & Boecker Niagara and Metinvest have met: Together for a future with more CO2-efficient ironmaking processing

The iron and steel industries are indispensable components of economy. Our world is built by using steel. We need even more steel for the improvement of infrastructure of our cities. Owing to this increasing steel demands we consider significantly growth of the iron ore production in recent years.

On the other hand, there are many environmental effects from the iron industry. Iron ore and steelmaking are the largest energy consumer of electricity and fossil fuels, being responsible for over 25% of hazardous atmospheric emissions and over 30% of carbon dioxide emissions. That’s why we need to think about sustainable solutions that minimize the CO2 emissions and energy use by iron ore production; solutions that deliver higher performance in terms of energy efficiency, resource efficiency and better process and product performance. We need CO2-efficient ironmaking processes.

One of the possible solutions could be direct reduction process like Midrex- or HYL, Corex process. 1

In this light, the transformation of iron ore into steel requires several process stages. First at all, we need to become H2 and iron ore pellets. Iron ore pellets produced from the iron ore concentrate by pelletizing and sintering. At the same time, the quality requirements of pellets, such as size distribution, physical, chemical and metallurgical specifications are higher and should be guaranteed by very innovative pelletizing technology that is able to ensure the perfect flow for our blue planet.

As a world’s leading supplier for customized screening, washing, pelletizing machines and plants solutions, we are feeling responsible to take actions into the protection of our environment by developing systems, which use fewer resources, fulfill the needed higher quality of the pellets and care for the health of the mother Earth.

Тhe result of our efforts we developed the SCARABAEUS pelletizing disc. The pelletizing disc fulfills the specification deeds for the processes of direct reduction and saves up to 5% energy by reduced recycling rate. The production capacity can be up to 150 t/h.

Those characteristics convinced experts from Eastern Europe in the potential of our innovative pelletizing technology for the production of iron ore pellets with a very narrow particle size distribution (10 to 12,5 mm) and high product rate (up to 70 %). Subsequently we got the great opportunity to work with one of the international steal and mining groups in east Europe: Metinvest. Аfter conducting iron ore tests in Haver Engineering in Freiburg and proving the possibility of achieving the desired parameters, a contract for the supply of the necessary equipment was signed. The pelletizing disc SCARABAEUS 7500 was delivered in combination with completely automatic control system.

In order to satisfy the higher needs of the pellets, an automatic pelletizing disc control system was introduced for the first time, incorporating three machine parameters: rotation speed, tilt angle, and board height.

In the end of July the CEOs of Haver Niagara GmbH (Peter Grotjohann) and Metinvest (Yuriy Ryzhenkov) have met in the manufactory of Metinvest in Ukraine. They inspected our powerful and reliable pelletizing technology and discussed the future course of our business relationship. The managers have dealt with all the advantages that our technology ensures to Metinvest and put heads together into developing the best strategy that is able to become fully aware of their common vision for the future: to live in a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world, where technology guarantees the care for the health of the mother Earth using highest environmental protection standards.

We are very happy that starting working together with Metinvest opened new doors to more CO2-efficient ironmaking processes and we have the unique opportunity to lay the first foundation stone of the future to green iron ore processing.

Metinvest, we would like to express our huge thanks for the trust, which you have placed in us. It is such a pleasure working together!



1 https://www.tec-science.com/de/werkstofftechnik/stahl-erzeugung-herstellung/direktreduktionsverfahren/


Primary crushing plant and processing of riprap in the Sauerland region


HAVER NIAGARA GmbH: after one and a half year new operators came to a positive result

The quarry for greywacke “Kleinhammer” is situated among a wooded mountainous region in Sauerland, sixhundred meters in south-east direction to the town Werdohl-Kleinhammer. Since the change of ownership in January 2015, Holcim, a manufacturer of construction material, has operated the quarry. Ownership changes did not result in a change of personnel.

In close collaboration with the previous operator HAVER NIAGARA GmbH designed a new primary crushing plant with subsequent processing of riprap. Besides the primary crushing plant and processing of riprap the scope of supply also included the complete conveying system, the intermediate silo and the dust silo as well as the planning of concrete works and the overall assembly.

The main challenge in this project were great demands of the customer on quality specifications, emission and environmental standards as well as the tight schedule for finalization. Furthermore, the installation should secure a safe and flexible production for the next decades. By means of the designed concept HAVER NIAGARA provided an innovative solution for the fulfilment of these requirements.

An example of the flexible production is the processing plant for riprap. The weight classes 540 kg and 10-60 kg can be processed separately or simultaneously on request by means of two heavy duty screening machines. Soundproofed building facades, energy saving electrical components and the dedusting unit are the main objective with regard to emission and environmental protection.

The period for the realization from the start of project until commissioning took 12 months. Due to the onset of winter at the beginning of 2013 concrete works had to be stopped for several weeks. Therefore, the planned start of production was endangered. The specialist in  from Münster took up that challenge and modified the assembly process, so that contrary to the initial plan the building for the processing of riprap was installed at first. The concrete works on the building for the primary crushing plant have been continued at the same time. As a result of the measures taken, the scheduled start of production was at the beginning of September 2013. On the occasion of the opening celebration on 27 September the installation was formally inaugurated with a spectacular firework.

The successful realization of the project has been achieved by long-term and close cooperation between the previous operator and the experts from HAVER NIAGARA. This is the pooling result of years of experience and the technical know-how of both companies.

The precise realization on the basis of prescriptions is an impressive example for the problem-solving expertise of HAVER NIAGARA – particularly with regard to an efficient conception of primary crushing plants and its precise implementation.